Menopause Health Club – Ahmedabad,India


Menopause Health Club was visualized and established during year 1999 by Dr. Kala Shah and till to day she is the main brain running this awareness mission.

The club’s main intention is to create awareness regarding menopause in the Society. Menopause involves multiple System, thus if there is understanding the management can be very easy.

The club organizes monthly educational Program with different subject of health in form of lectures, seminars, shibirs ( work shop ), Diagnostic Camps and also by cultural way ( MANORANJAK MENO-ANDROPAUSE ) in form of GARBA, KAWALI, BHAVAI, CHORO.

Every year on October the 18th (world menopause day), Club celebrate annual day, and gives mega program. During Year 2002, the club realized that, we should involve males and gave additional name

“Mid Age Health Club”.

“Maintain your mid age enjoy your old age”

The slogan is self explanatory, it is even more important as the longitivity increases which gives longer “Pause” (post andropause and menopause) life.

For any country old age population is a national responsibility. Maintaining our mid-age, gives us independent, productive and enjoyable life.

Since 2006 club started creating awareness regarding male menopause (andropause). Andropause comes 5 to 10 years later in man’s life and is more gradual.

“Pause” (andropause, menopause) is an acute turn in human life, which requires careful ride during this transition. This Year on October the 18th 2008 Club had celebrated annual program in the form of culture, musical ways.The program explained the symptoms, management of these phase of life and the changes one has to make in their life style.

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